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Witch-Cult Abbey

Mark Samuels

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Status available
Release Date Winter 2020
Limitation 199 copies
Size 19 × 31 cm
Pages 186
ISBN 978-3-945795-64-4
Edition numbered edition
Workmanship Thread-stitched hardover, illustrated boards, head- and tailband, silk ribbon marker and illustrated endpapers. Featuring 10 stunning illustrations by Joseph Dawson.
Bibliography: hardcover, buckram-bound.


During the height of the London Blitz, book-cataloguer Saul Prior is offered work in the recondite library of the reclusive, ancient, and titled line of the Degabastons. He is summoned to medieval Thool Abbey – the degenerate family's ill-gotten ancestral seat – situated in a blighted valley in the far reaches of the Hertfordshire countryside. But if Prior had envisaged a bookish refuge from the warring outside world, what he instead encounters proves to be a nightmarish, inescapable, occult conspiracy. Its central horror has waxed hideously through long centuries, having manifested elsewhere in the form of “The White Hands”. Now the quintessential delineation of this self-same, soul-destroying, evil lore is fully revealed in the Gothic novel „Witch-Cult Abbey“.


This edition comes with an additional book: a bibliography of Mark Samuels!
As we hope to see many more books from Mark in the hopefully not too distant future and every bibliography is inevitably out-dated upon publication, additional empty pages allow the reader to add bibliographical data of future books by hand.