Virtue in Danger

Reggie Oliver

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Status Out of print
Release Date Summer 2013
Limitation 24 copies
Size 18 × 26 cm
Pages 285
Weight 1022 g
ISBN 978-3-945795-99-6
Edition lettered edition
Workmanship Each of these handsomely bound lettered exemplars bears a unique hand-illustration by Reggie Oliver. Bound in golden crushed silk, housed in a slipcase, covered in red-plush.


It is July 1963.
At its headquarters, a former luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps, crisis is facing the Moral Regeneration Movement, a powerful modern, quasi-religious cult. Its founder and leader, Arnold Breitman is dying. Questions are already being asked about who is to succeed him.

There are a number of likely candidates. They include a former tennis champion, a Swiss industrialist, a trade unionist and a doctor. But each of them hides a guilty secret. Into this troubled situation comes a world-weary professional actor, Ivor Smith who, quite by accident, finds himself at the very epicentre of the crisis, playing an unexpectedly influential role.

Terrible secrets are revealed, uncontrollable passions are unleashed. The pace is furious. Comedy is rarely absent, but underneath runs a serious subtext. Questions about the nature of morality and the motivations of those who set themselves up as moral leaders are asked. All these elements are bound together into a terrific climax on a mountain top, followed by a joyous ending that might be described as "fairy tale" if it were not laced with mordant wit.

"That is indeed a creatively conceived book."

— Thomas Ligotti

"A novel that will become a classic, I predict."

— Des Lewis