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The Dracula Papers

Reggie Oliver

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Status in production
Release Date 2024
Limitation 199 copies
Size 16 × 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-949341-61-8
Edition numbered edition
Workmanship Hand-numbered, thread-stitched hardcover edition, bound in red fabric with a parallelogram-shaped die-cut through which a drawing by Reggie Oliver can be seen. The book comes with head- and tailbands and a silk ribbon marker.


Three years ago I was in the Czech Republic at a place called Duchov researching for a biography of Casanova. The great eighteenth century adventurer spent the last years of his life in the castle of Dux (or Duchov) as librarian to Count Waldstein. It was there that he wrote his Histoire de ma Vie, the masterpiece of autobiography known to the world as the Memoirs of Casanova. Naturally I studied what original Casanova manuscripts remained at the castle, but I also decided to examine all the books in the library dating from Casanova's time. I was looking particularly for volumes which had once belonged to him. It was known that Casanova came to Dux with a substantial library of his own and that these were almost certainly absorbed into the collection at Dux on his death.

About Reggie Oliver

Reggie Oliver is a man of many talents. He has worked as an actor, a director and a playwright; he adapted Feydeau's plays for the British stage and wrote the biography of Stella Gibbons. His three novels and more than a hundred short stories and novellas in the fantastic genre, published in eight collections by Tartarus, are held in highest esteem by critics, readers and colleagues alike. This is also true of the richly illustrated The Hauntings at Tankerton Park, an utterly original children's book published by Zagava. His story “The Silver Cord” won the Arthur Machen short story prize …

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