Thomas Phillips

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Status Out of print
Release Date Summer 2014
Limitation 75 copies
Size 16 × 25 cm
Pages 115
Weight 539 g
ISBN 978-3-9816093-5-6
Edition numbered edition
Workmanship Thread-stitched hardcover, bound in black plush, with a red silk ribbon marker ribbon, illustrated colour endpapers after a painting by Thomas Phillips. Featuring a CD with music, composed by Thomas Phillips.


Thomas Phillip’s collection of 5 new stories.

In addition in being a fascinating author and painter, he is also a renowned composer, who has shared concert bills with Francisco Lopez, Sun O))) , and members of Opera McGill, among many others. So we thought it would be a splendid idea to attach a CD with music, composed by Thomas Phillips. A book with a soundtrack.

Like its precursor, The Light is Alone, Malingerer is what might be called a discursive inverted cross. On one level, it aims to exhibit various manifestations of Satanic practice because, quite simply, the latter's representation in the horror genre offers a perverse but delectable pleasure; the liminality of horror always entails an element of fun. And yet the collection is also devoted to perpetrating a kind of violence against those evils that are distinctly unpleasant, specifically the Luciferian nature of religious and political fundamentalisms, abominations of conscience. Hence Malingerer's alignment with the aesthetic diabolism of Lovecraft's powerful oeuvre, among those of other esteemed writers and thinkers, while it carefully critiques and collapses the convoluted bigotry that, for better and most certainly for worse, found such sublime, unholy expression in the picturesque city of Providence.