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Infra-Noir 2020

Karim Ghahwagi, Timothy J. Jarvis, Rebecca Lloyd, et al.

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Status available
Release Date Spring 2021
Size 15 × 23 cm
Pages 154
ISBN 978-3-945795-95-8
Edition paperback edition
Workmanship Paperback binding, illustrated boards.


Since some friends of Zagava missed single titles of our chapbook series, Zagava now offers all 11 Infra-Noir chapbooks published in 2020 as an inexpensive paperback! If you want all of the brilliant stories in one affordable place, this is the book for you.


D.P. Watt: Craft
Mark Valentine: The Clerks of the Invisible
Jonathan Wood: The Idyll Is Over
Karim Ghahwagi: Codex of Light
Mark Samuels: Posterity
Rebecca Lloyd: Ancestor Water
Mark Valentine: Stained Medium
Timothy J. Jarvis: The Purblind Bards
Reggie Oliver: The Wet Woman
R.B. Russell: A House of Treasures
Rosalie Parker: Home Comforts

About Karim Ghahwagi

Of both Danish and Libyan descent, Karim Ghahwagi was born in the United States. He has lived in Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles and Malta. He graduated from Bard College, New York, with degrees in Film, Electronic Media and English Literature. He currently lives in Denmark.

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About Rebecca Lloyd

Probably most readers of the weird and fantastic genres know her name: Rebecca Lloyd, winner of the inaugural Bristol Short Story Prize 2008 and author of two novels, has written four outstanding collections of stories of different length: The View from Endless Street (WiDo, 2014), Mercy (Tartarus, 2014), Ragman & other Family Curses (Egaeus, 2016), and Seven Strange Stories (Tartarus, 2017).

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About D.P. Watt

D. P. Watt is one of the most highly esteemed authors of weird fiction writing today - „somewhere between E. T. A. Hoffmann, Nabokov and Ligotti“, according to Charles Schneider's characterization of his work. Apart from many essays he has written more than ninety short stories and novellas which have been published in six collections, among them An Emporium of Automata (Ex Occidente, 2010; Eibonvale, 2013), The Phantasmagorical Imperative (Egaeus, 2014; The Interlude House, 2015), Almost Insentient, Almost Divine (Undertow, 2016), and Petals and Violins (Tartarus, 2019).

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