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In This Glass House

Thomas Phillips

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Release Date 2020
Size 16 × 23 cm
Pages 174
Weight 314 g
ISBN 978-3-945795-38-5
Edition paperback edition
Workmanship Paperback binding, illustrated boards.


“In This Glass House” locates a tense, aesthetic space between Shirley Jackson and Don DeLillo in its examination of fascism and the interiority through which malignant forces exert domination. Olivia Sutton becomes embroiled in the compromised leadership of a problematic man, and thus in a world of barely concealed diabolism. Though modernity is forever encroaching upon the fortress of her upward mobility, she is haunted, and hunted, by one whose form is legion.

“In This Glass House” interrogates the lived life among shadows, phantasms that would inhabit and command a self in the throes of its flourishing unholiness.