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Don’t Let Them Get You Down

Philip Fracassi

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Status available
Release Date 2022
Size 15 × 23 cm
Weight 320 g
ISBN 978-3-949341-28-1
Edition paperback edition
Workmanship Quality paperback


“I throw my body over the edge. Feel the wind push against me as I fall, the world spinning madly, the earth rushing toward me. I see a white car that will break my fall. I splash through its roof, ripping skin, breaking bones, my head spills open, my brain escapes, my heart bursts, my lungs collapse. Life and blood are slapped free of my body. Blood everywhere.”


When Peter Radcliffe tumbles into a suicidal depression after the death of his wife, he must relearn how to live in a world that seems suddenly foreign, dealing once more with a society of relationships he doesn’t understand – work, friendships, love.

When he begins having bizarre nightmare visitations from a superego known only as X, Peter begins to wonder if he’ll ever get back to normal, or if his slowly cracking psyche will finally shatter, putting his sanity, and his life, at risk.