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Infra-Noir #3:

Codex of Light

Karim Ghahwagi

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Status available
Release Date 2020
Size 10 × 30 cm
Workmanship Hand-sewn booklet, printed on a few handmade cotton rag pages with deckled edges.


By the precepts passed down by the village Elders, the story was never to be consecrated in the absence of candlelight. Upon the advent of its telling, the wicks of candles were therefore always kindled by bedsides at night, along the windowsills in classrooms, and upon the mantelpieces of every home. A single beeswax candle always burned in the heart of the Great Hall. Tall as a man and thick as a tree-trunk, the candle was rooted in an ornamented brass candelabra, its yellowed beeswax surface richly carved in commemoration of the story it embodied. For generations the flame had never darkened, and the Elders had sustained its light from month to month, from season to season, always marking each transition to a new candle with solemn ceremony.

About Karim Ghahwagi

Of both Danish and Libyan descent, Karim Ghahwagi was born in the United States. He has lived in Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles and Malta. He graduated from Bard College, New York, with degrees in Film, Electronic Media and English Literature. He currently lives in Denmark.

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