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Infra-Noir #35:

Again, the Granite

Charles Schneider

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Status available
Release Date 2023
Size 11 × 30 cm
Workmanship Hand-sewn booklet, printed on a few handmade cotton rag pages with deckled edges.


Aurora had nothing to lose emotionally and spiritually. She knew that she had reached the edge of some sort of precipice. Would she fall, jump, or FLY? There was a solid wall of crushing night-black ebony behind her, and it was minutes away. She must close her eyes and take the leap. She must do something radical, new, artistic, revolutionary and insane.

She found herself in a very fortunate situation, considering all that had happened to her. Her mother and father had died in a swift succession of each other five years previous. The first year she received a trickle of monies, which she blindly spent on strange, beautiful things…